Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Brown Mucus Discharge Before Period Brown Mucus Discharge Only After Wiping A Day Before Period Is Due?

Brown mucus discharge only after wiping a day before period is due? - brown mucus discharge before period

My time should come today or yesterday, but yesterday there was only slight current disgusting thick reddish-brown, wiped once I have the carpet, because I thought my time was here that I found on him.

But today, when I got to get up twice in the middle of the night / morning, I had just a bit of brown mucus discharge the same, but each time less. If I had sex (no condom), 7 November and 11 November, and seriously disrupted my pill this month, how could it be? Implantation bleeding? Could the pill made me miss ovulation and may now be pregnant?

I'm just worried, because even if they have a light on the pills time, every time I have cramps and terrible things in my underwear, and therefore no mucus. I was on BCP for over a year, so I am very familiar. This time I had no cramps or discharge from, I can only see things when I clean.

I'm exaggerating? When can I get a test for peace of mind, or what they say, I can absolutelythe mind is not pregnant? My last period began the 23rd October.

I am not pregnant, use condoms from now, I will fear no other like this: (And I thank you for reading everything ...


BIna-due Cinco de Mayo with # 3 said...


You may be pregnant, when the last time was 23 October, then it means that you are somewhere in the week beginning 7 November created and are beginning to show signs at that time, or it may be that your body is accustomed to change in the routine birth control. Me 1, take a HPT as soon as possible, and 2, as you said, if it is negative to be very careful. You really play with BC is really in danger of becoming pregnant because your body is so out of control back to one of the things you know. In ensuring that everything will go well anyway. Answer the quiz and good luck.

PRECi0SA said...

Yes, it could happened to me yesterday, when he should have my period in September and brite red blood cells have, and I had a day and now in the 12th Weeks pregnant, so I may be '! If you have unprotected sex theres a possibility that you become pregnant only to the test today, almost a little would be lost! I recommend the first sign that the answer is a bit expensive, but it works beter.

tamara12... said...

Thus missing a pill can sometimes resulting in pregnancy. Yes, you may be pregnant and prosecution could be a possible indicator of this. I want to be pregnant, because the first day of period was not normal.
If you get a full term in the coming days, may indicate that she is not pregnant, but always make a test to be sure.

lilloric said...

Implantation bleeding is a rare thing and something that very rarely seen.when uteral microscopic implants in the lining of blood in the freedom microscopic.there many articles online that say BS if this might well take time, but not so long ago would have been dead now, regardless already in place, it would be necessary to keep blood "does not say no to her pregnancy, because if you missed pills can be, is like seeing my daughter, the bleeding # 2 The blood can vaginalis is common when you are pregnant pill.get a test if you are late even by one day gave a good answer

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